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Transport Simplicity

Vehicles contribute maximum green house gases. Hence so much importance is given to this source of pollution for Home Yoga Practitioners. Home Yoga changes itself as ‘Car Yoga’ (or two wheeler yoga) for the same reasons.

They are dealt as three subjects fewer than three heads such as

  1. Transport Simplicity described hereunder Simple Home
  2. Green Motoring which is explained in Pollution Prevention Home, and
  3. Vehicle Fuel Saving explained under Energy Saving of Conservation Home.

The vehicle, which you own a car, motor cycle or truck helps you for transportation. You ensure it also helps environment. Whether it helps or not, it should not harm environment. Hence you must practice Car Yoga (or Motor Cycle Yoga). Transport Simplicity is part of Car Yoga.

Fossil fuel is not going to be there forever. Use of fossil fuel also creates harmful smoke including greenhouse gases which are responsible for the Green House Effect.
Transport Simplicity means minimum use of automobiles, both, two wheeler and four wheeler.

Principles of Transport Simplicity

  1. The first principle is using the God given gift for movement. Yes, use your legs as much as possible. You save fuel and money. You prevent exhaust emissions. Thirdly a very good physical exercise which of course will help you in your physical fitness. Use of vehicles for transportation for places quite nearby should be avoided. There are people who use automobile for going to the next road, that too for walking in the park there.
  2. Second choice: Why not use bicycle? By use of bicycle, you save money that you spend on petrol. You save petrol for the future generation. You prevent air pollution. You actually do a physical exercise. By cycling you practice simplicity. If you feel shy to do it alone, start using bicycle as a group. To know more about it visit our website as well as Make cycling fashionable.
  3. The third is use of public transport, bus, tram, train, mini bus etc. Develop the attitude for using public transport. It will take little more time, it save you from the strain of driving the vehicle, saves you money spent towards the fuel, reduces air pollution, reduces traffic congestion, etc. But the extra time taken by public transport can be made beneficial use by reading books.
  4. Next choice is using a two wheeler , motor cycle or scooter;
  5. The final choice is using car. Buy a car that gives maximum mileage and causes less pollution. The best contribution that you can make for cooling the Globe is to drive a vehicle which gives better mileage per litter. Every litter of gas that we burn in our cars and trucks creates 3 kg of carbon dioxide pollution. Two KGs directly from the vehicle’s exhaust and one KG from refining and transporting the fuel. Put conditions to yourself that you will use car only when go with the whole family
  6. If you have many tasks to be done at many places try to complete them in the same day. Draw your plan in such a way that you are able to complete the task in different places in the order they are geographically situated you save fuel. Use always roads which have less traffic and well tarred.

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