Start Here > The 50 Benefits of 'Home Exnora Yoga' Activities
A. Benefits on account of waste management at Source that is your own home
  1. Major portion of Solid, Liquid & Gaseous waste is converted at the very source.
  2. Waste does not pollute the environment any more as the wastes are treated at the very source.
  3. If the waste is dealt with at Home (source) where it is generated then no diseases will spread.
  4. No burden & spending of money for the Government to transport & relocate garbage and naturally no tax for people to meet the expenditure towards the waste management by the Government.
  5. No burden to the citizens who pay for it.
  6. Water bodies are saved from the dumping of garbage
  7. No soil, sub-soil, ground water & air pollution will take place at the dump site
  8. No burning of garbage at the dump site.
  9. Pollution from transporting vehicles is reduced as there is no need for transportation as far as waste management is concerned.
  10. Due to its less use the wear & tear of transporting vehicles is negligible.
  11. No wear & tear of roads due to use by trash transporting vehicles as they will not be there or only a few will be there.
  12. Good past time / hobby for you to do in your home.
  13. A positive diversion / preoccupation and mind programming for children every one in the family including children
B. Green Home Benefits
  1. Greening of Home will lead to a sense of pride & accomplishment.
  2. Positive thinking and constructive action will take over.
  3. A beautiful house.
  4. Involves physical exercise, as a result good health.
  5. Tastier & harmless organically grown vegetables.
  6. Good health resulting from eating a diet comprising of organic vegetables.
  7. Home Farming helps in saving and making money on the fruit and vegetable produce.
  8. Waste is free & change agents like bacteria, earth worms, sun shine, air etc. are also free.
  9. There will no food shortage, if everyone commits to greening their home.
  10. The shortage of agricultural produces due to the loss of cultivable lands on account to construction of home / industries on farm lands is overcome by converting the terrace and the space around your home for Home farming
  11. If you employ a Home Beautifier, one more person will have a job.
C. Waste to wealth programme benefits
  1. Conservation of natural resources by separating and recycling of waste including paper, plastics, paper, metal, glass etc.
  2. Employment opportunities for those who will be employed by recycling industries.
  3. When paper is recycled, trees are saved.
  4. The Nation becomes wealthier
D. Benefits on account other activities of Home Exnora, Safety
  1. Safety of property & person
  2. Fire safety
  3. Flood safety
  4. Safety form pests, bacteria, mosquitoes etc
E. Overall Benefits Members of family
  1. Serving nature, nation & society.
  2. Acquiring environmental awareness and widening of knowledge in environmental issues.
  3. Perfect harmony among family members.
  4. Making the home a model in terms of cleanliness & greenery.
  5. Becoming thorough in rights & responsibilities.
  6. Improving self–confidence.
  7. Leading an austere life.
  8. Upgrading communication skills.
  9. Enhancing problem solving competence.
  10. Improving commonsense.
  11. Mastering human relations.
  12. Growing inwardly.
  13. Getting and remaining motivated.
  14. Becoming creative.
  15. Developing leadership abilities.
  16. Earning a proper identity and gaining respect, dignity & recognition.
  17. Acquiring a sense of pride and accomplishment.
  18. Enjoying every moment of life.
The guidelines help realise the above 50 benefits. Now the ball is in your court.
Not just Home…….,
but anywhere and everywhere!



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