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Home Hygiene
  1. Dust and clean visible places
  2. Dust and clean furniture, Electrical Fixtures, Fittings.
  3. Dust and clean places like beneath the furniture & photo frames.
  4. Wear a face mask or cover your nose with a handkerchief when you dust or sweep.
  5. Sweep the floors at least once a day.
  6. Use liquid soap mixed in water and a floor brush to clean the floor.
  7. Leave your footwear outside the house as it carries dirt from outside. Walk barefoot inside your house. Otherwise keep a separate set of footwear for inside use alone.
  8. Clean door-mats/ floor-mats often.
  9. Ensure there is breeding of mosquitoes, wherever water is kept like in flower pots (e.g. water plants) or in the tray underneath the earthen flower pots.
  10. Use the handles of the doors while opening it. Try not to touch the door itself, as it leaves hand stains, which makes it look ugly.
  11. While turning on/off a light or fan, touch the switch alone and not the switch board for the same reason as stated in point no: 10.
  12. Wash the dishes and utensils properly.
  13. Sterilize spoons and forks before use.
  14. Wash curtains and screens once a week and keep them free of dust.
  15. Always fasten the mosquito nets onto the windows.
  16. Keep the net fixed on the grilled door at the entrance to prevent mosquitoes from entering.
  17. Use chemical free incense sticks for fragrance.
  18. Use organic disinfectants.
  19. If you have a fish tank, periodically change the water.
  20. Clean your over head tank once a week and cover it properly to prevent the mosquitoes from breeding.
  21. Clean your water collection sump once a week and have this properly covered as well to avoid mosquitoes from breeding.
  22. Ensure the septic tank is properly covered for the same reasons mentioned above.
  23. Keep your dish washing sink always clean and clear any obstructions in the outlet drain.
  24. Drink only boiled water.
  25. Use a proper water purifying system.
  26. Keep your house free from insects, pests & mosquitoes.
  27. Practise Source Solid Waste Management (SoSoWaM)
  28. Practise Source Liquid Waste Management (SoLiWaM)
  29. Practise Source Rain Water Harvesting (SoRaWaHa)



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