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Garage Pollution

  • Do you know what possibly could be the place polluted most or under the possibility of getting polluted?
  • You don’t need take the trouble of guessing. It is without the Garage where you park your car. Why? It is simple because cars exhaust emit pollutants, fumes and odours .Car exhaust contains many kinds of gases and chemicals, including car bon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particulates such as dust, dirt, soot and smoke. On the chemical front, gas can contain benzene, cadmium, chlorine, formaldehyde, toluene, xylene and additives such as MTBE (methyl tertiary-butyl ether), which is a suspected carcinogen.
  • It is because the car has chemicals and highly inflammable substances in it.
  • First requirement that you must meet is maintaining your car well. Ill maintained vehicles cause more air pollution. You must ensure that nothing leaks from car particularly fuel.
  • The second is how you maintain your garage matters. It should be always kept clean . The garage should have proper ventilation. If it is not safe from the safety point of view it should be fitted with exhaust fan matching the need.
  • You must always switch on the exhaust fan and then enter the garage. In other words you must keep the switch of the garage exhaust fan inside your home. You must allow it to run for a couple of minutes and then enter.
  • You can do portico parking depending on the weather of your town and safety of the vehicle.
  • You can have the garage with roof minus walls around it
    Still better idea to have it detached which will be aloof of your home.
  • You must start the car after opening the garage gate. But you should not start the car and allow it to warm up inside the garage. Start , take it out and the warming up can take place outside.
  • Don’t keep fuel stock in petrol cans and it can turn out to be some thing very bad. • When you replace car parts , properly dispose off the old parts and don’t keep them inside the garage.
  • If you have a driver, don’t allow him to sleep inside the garage.
  • Don’t try to decorate your garage. It is waste of money and some of them may become a source of problem in case of fire.
  • If there is oil spill take utmost care. Ensure that it does not finds its way to your drinking water source. You wash properly the floor using some natural cleaning materials .
  • Never convert the garage as your children play area.
  • Don’t make your garage a lumber room / dumping yard of unwanted things. Don’t even convert it as your additional store room. There can be fusion between your automobile products and general products.
  • Have the door leading from your home to the garage properly sealed to prevent poisonous automobile polluted air entering your home.

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