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Shopping & Conservation

  • Buy when it is absolutely necessary
  • Buy what is absolutely necessary for 15 days or one month so that you need not make many trips to shop wasting fuel and time.
  • Buy from the nearest shop and buy the goods that have traveled less distance, to be more specific buy local products. It means less fuel is spent for the goods to reach the shop’s shelf.
  • Form a shoppers’ group . One in the group by turn will go to shop and shop for every one. The group can generally be based on the basis of place of residence.
  • Before you buy something, ask yourself the following five questions:
  • Do I want it? –wanting is not the same as needing, therefore think. If your answer is ‘yes’, then go on to the next question.
  • Do I need it? – if your answer is ‘yes’, move on to the next question.
  • Can I afford it? – think well, but do not think of your credit card, because that would mean you are increasing your debt burden. If still your answer is ‘yes’, move on.
  • Can I do without it? – if absolutely convinced that you need it, say ‘yes’ and move on to the last question.
  • Can’t I postpone it? – if you can answer affirmatively to this question, you have contributed to the “Principled Simplicity” programme.
  • Even when it is absolutely necessary , don’t buy excess. Buy what is exactly needed and what can be and will be really consumed.
  • Ask questions like
  • Am I buying more than what I actually need?
  • Will my buying end up in severe pollution?
  • Will the product after use and the materials used for packing can be recycled?
  • Will the product and materials used for packing cause environmental degradation?

Your thought process in raising the above three questions to yourself , is called by Exnora as ‘Psych Cycling’. Psych means mind. The Cycling actually takes place in your mind before you buy. If it is done later there will be a proper recycling of the product and the materials used for packing. And they will not become hazardous waste . Do you know that some of the biscuit aluminium coated wrappings cannot be recycled.

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