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Personal Hygiene

Home Exnora activities start within home and it begins with you taking complete care of personal hygiene from head to foot.

What is personal hygiene? There are certain tasks that you need to observe to maintain good health. You should develop them as habits.Personal hygiene will include taking care of your Teeth, Hands, Nails, Feet, Hair and Skin. Women should take extra care during the menstruation period.

The personal hygiene checklist

  • Brushing teeth helps to keep your teeth and gums healthy. It also ensures clean and fresh breath. It is important to brush your teeth before you go to bed at night. It is important because it removes the food particles stuck in your mouth, thereby avoiding further subjection to bacterial activity. You should brush using a good tooth paste. In the morning, it is enough to wash your mouth with clean water. Too much brushing may affect the enamel on your teeth. While brushing, push and pull the brush from left to right and from top to bottom. You should also rotate the brush clockwise and anticlockwise. You can also use a mouth wash & a tongue cleaner.
  • Bathing takes away the dirt from your body. Make sure you wash yourself from head to foot everyday. When you take a bath you should use a body brush, a pumice stone or a scrubber. After a bath you should wipe your hair dry with a towel. It will be a good exercise for your hands, a good massage for your head and acupressure for your palms and fingers
  • Washing your clothes is a must. Keeping your clothes and body clean will keep away illnesses and remove body odor. Make sure your inner-wear is well washed. This is a very important part of your personal hygiene practices. You will be saved from bacterial infections which would otherwise grow on the surface of your skin.
  • Wash your hands properly before you cook and eat.  
  • As the Indians assign different roles for the hands. The right hand should be clean as it is used for eating, while the left hand is used to clean your privates after using the lavatory. In the case of a left handed person, it would be vice-versa.
  • Body odor can be overcome by natural remedies (like sandalwood and rose water).
  • Comb & Hair brushes like the toothbrushshould not be shared amongst family members and friends.


  • Putting your fingers inside your nose: People have the habit of putting their finger in their nose, which is a dirty habit. One can always go and wash his or her nose at the wash basin. After which he or she must clean their hands.
  • Putting objects inside your ears to clean it should be avoided. You can use ear buds occasionally but with a lot of caution and it must be done prior to your bath.
  • Placing your finger in your mouth and nail biting are acts of grossology that one must abstain from. The bacteria on your hands and in your nails will enter your mouth and eventually your body and cause a variety of illness.
  • Licking your finger when you turn the pages of a book is a shameful act. Instead use a sponge.
  • Scratching your head is also an act of grossology.In case of dandruff or dry skin, it will only worsen if you scratch it.


  • Sneezing without closing the nose by handkerchief.
  • Using a toothpick without properly covering your mouth with the other hand.
  • Spitting except in a spittoon or washbasin.
  • Belching loudly.



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