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Noise kills.  To survive, one has to kill noise. Noise can cause deafness, heart disease, stress, high blood pressure, infertility, irritability, insomnia, miscarriage, nervous break down, premature delivery, ulcers and growth retardation.

It is a hindrance and a distraction to students and those who work.  The hearing capacity of persons living in towns has been reduced to almost half as that of those living in the villages (belonging to the same age group):

What is Noise?

The word “Noise” is derived from the Latin word “nausea”, meaning a feeling of sickness in the stomach with an urge to vomit.  Noise is defined in a number of ways.  For example,

  1. Noise is a sound without value. 
  2. Noise is an unwanted, unpleasant or disagreeable sound that causes discomfort.
  3. Noise is the wrong sound, in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  4. Noise is incidental to the world we live in today and has no musical quality whatsoever. 


A particular sound may be musical to one but noise to another, pleasant when soft, but noise when loud.  The question is, where does one draw the line?

Noise Pollution may be also defined in a number of ways.  For example,

  1. Any unwanted electromagnetic signal that produces a jarring or displeasing effect and which interferes with human communication, comfort and health.
  2. Noise Pollution is the unwanted sound released into the environment without regard to the adverse affect it may have (odum).
  3. Hell created by repeated ringing of the Bell (undesirable sound) is referred to as Noise Pollution.
  4. Noise Pollution like smog, is a slow agent of death (Robert Koch).


At home it could be on account of the following:

  1. Music System
  2. TV
  3. Defective electrical appliances like refrigerator, AC , fan, etc,

The Home Yoga Exnora practitioners should have the awareness and keep the noise level minimum. They know it will cause deafness.

The Home Yoga Exnora Practitioners will curtail noise that is generated within their home. Then what about the noise that comes from outside. That too affects them. It will affect the neighbours as well. Form a team and make it an outfit called “Exnora Voice against Noise.” And take up the issue collectively and stop the noise.

Noise Sources:
Noise is either natural such as thunder or man made.  The main sources of man made noise in developed urban areas are mechanized automobiles such as trucks, buses, motors, scooters, fire engines, police cars, ambulances, factories, trains, industries, aero planes and accessory noise producers such as horns, sirens, loud speakers, musical instruments, TV, radio, transistors, shouting, barking of dogs etc.  Man made noise also includes social gatherings, marriage and birthday functions etc. 

There has been a considerable increase in noise from man made sources during the last hundred years which is now doubling after every decade.

An ever increasing number of common noise sources are being put into use daily.  Such noise increases with the complexity and information content of systems of all kinds.  The term noise is also used in electronics and communication Science to refer to perturbations that interfere with man’s communications.

Broadly speaking, noise may be classified into:

  • Transport Noise
  • Neighbourhood Noise
  • Industrial Noise

EXNORA VOICE AGAINST NOISE is a team, of volunteers who are committed to fight noise pollution.  There are rules to restrict the noise decibels.  In most of the cities the use of cone speakers are forbidden and only box speakers are permitted and that too can be used only during certain permitted hours. 

Air horns can not be used inside cities.  Loud speakers and automobile horns can not be used around Hospitals. 

Automobiles should have proper silencers in their exhaust pipes. Unfortunately the rules / laws are not enforced and therefore exist only on paper.  Authorities have no initiative and people lack awareness.  The auto drivers tamper with their auto silencers.  The exhaust pipes are altered to make their presence felt, in order to attract their customers. 

Smashing of clothes against stones for washing is another source of noise pollution. The noise on account of bursting of crackers has a cumulative effect on our ears resulting in loss of the hearing capability.  The bursting of crackers also causes air pollution as it results in pieces of paper being strewn all over the place and can also cause fire accidents.

Due to lack of involvement of people in enforcing the rules against offenders, due to ignorance of negative effects of noise and due to the lack of awareness amongst people that rules to control and curtail noise exist, the noise decibels have increased tremendously. There is an immediate need for stronger enforced laws to prevent this increase and we should lobby for the same. 

The members of EXNORA VOICE AGAINST NOISE will be the spokesmen for silence.  They will do the following:

  1. Educate the public about the hazards of noise as mentioned above.
  2. Create awareness on the availability of rules to face the challenge of noise.
  3. To discourage people creating loud noise.
  4. To take up with the enforcing authorities for punitive action against those who are responsible for the creation of high noise.
  5. To mobilize people’s support and work for bringing stronger legislation to curb noise.
  6. To conduct quizzes, painting’s speeches, essay competitions for students on noise and related issues. 

There will be a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, a Joint Secretary, a Treasurer and six committee members to carry out the functions of Exnora Voice Against Noise.

Exnora Voice Against Noise should be started in all the schools and colleges with at least thirty students taking part and a teacher becoming in-charge who will be called Teacher Advisor.

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