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Source Gas Waste Management (SoGaWaM)*. Higher in the hierarchy of SoGaWaM* are DeGaWaM *(Decentralised Gas Waste Management) and CeGaWaM*(Centralised Gas Waste Management). But at home, office or school where gaseous waste is generated, it can be trapped and used only through SoGaWaM.


This is easier for those who live in villages and for those living in the city who have space enough. They can use their kitchen waste for methane generation and if they have cows & buffalos, the cow dung can be used as raw material for generating Bio Gas. In India it is called Gobar Gas. Three to four animals are sufficient to provide sufficient cooking gas for one household.

Although there are many benefits, the two most important are:

1. The methane from cow dung is a green house gas and the same is trapped and used as fuel.

2. The cow dung which helps in producing gas becomes organic compost without methane.

The Do–how

Dig a pit not exceeding 12 feet. Then construct a water-tight cement cylinder. Next, construct a wall in the middle, from the bottom and not up to the top. Install inlet and outlet pipes. Make the plant water tight.


Cow dung is mixed with water in the basin to make it a slurry, which will go down the pipe to the bottom left-side. The tank gradually fills and overflows to the right side. Following which the mass methane bubbles move up to the top. Then there is a development of gas pressure, which can be supplied through a rubber tube to a gas stove in a kitchen.


The tank becomes full (both sides) and the waste flows out from the bottom right-side each time more raw manure is added to the left. What you get on the right-side is not the cow dung and organic waste that you deposited but wonderful organic manure. In one effort you get two results. Yes, you get more organic manure for your farming and gardening activities as well as gas for cooking. That is not all. Methane which is a green house gas is also produced from the organic waste. If it enters the atmosphere, it contributes to Global Warming. But when you convert your organic waste into methane in a bio gas chamber, you actually trap it and convert it into gas for cooking. Thus you also help in arresting Global warming.


Do a Google search for “Gobar gas” & “Bio gas” and you will find plenty of information on the subject.


The people living in villages often rear cows and buffalos which provide them milk and cow dung which can be converted as mentioned above into cooking gas.

Domestic Cattle Shed

Domestic Gobar Gas Plant
* Source : Nirmal’s 7th Sense Brain Resource Development Training Institute



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