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His Excellency Surjit Singh Barnala, Governor of Tamilnadu, launching 'Teach Reach' programme organised by Exnora International, by presenting the first copy to S Srinivasan, coordinator, Teach Reach Programme, in Chennai yesterday.

'Teach Reach' an educational programme catering to the slum children was launched by Exnora International in Chennai on November 23rd. This project aims at establishing free tuition centres for the underprivileged in at least a hundred centres in Chennai.

The classes are conducted in school class rooms as well as places owned by its members. The children will also have classes for brain resource development, environmental protection and spoken English.

Inaugurating the programme, Surjit Singh Barnala, Governor of Tamilnadu, explained that these tuition centres will certainly make a silent revolution towards the education of the poor and the needy. 'Such tuition centres will help the poor children to score high marks, develop their self confidence, motivate and train them towards the upkeep of the environment' he added. Referring to the lower sector of the society, he said it was necessary for our country to take care of the underprivileged. He stressed that only countries that take care of the weak and the needy see progress. He further said that the students who were in the slums find it difficult to cope with their subjects. 'Their parents, who are also uneducated cannot bear the cost of giving the child special tuition', he said

Exnora believes that teachers should not regard education like a mechanical process. It must be considered as a living process, vibrant with life. It should integrate the person with his environment and give him a total perspective and a global outlook.

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