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Practise & Propagate :

If you want to do more than your Home

You can join/ start
1. Home Exnora (in others Homes)
2. Civic Exnora (in your street)
3. Exnora Innovators Club (for your neighbourhood)

You can join
1. Exnora Green Cross
2. City Farming Exnora
3. Home Farming Exnora

For Children

4. Treetanic

“Home Exnora - Yoga Pandit”

Learn every thing about Home Exnora and become a Home Exnora -Yoga Pandit. Serve mother Earth. See the Action folder for the application form in order to become a Home Exnora Pandit. Pandit means a learned person, expert, or authority. Yes, you will learn and practise “Home Exnora-Yoga" and be designated as


“Home Exnora- Yoga Pandit”



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