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  1. Start as many Home Exnora Yoga activities as possible
  2. But certainly begin with one right now. (One student, Mr Rajesh of Government High School who heard a presentation on “Home Exnora Yoga” was inspired. He sent a message which read “I am happy to inform that I have just initiated Home Exnora in my Home. There was an interesting TV Programme. My father came from his office room, mother from kitchen, sister from her room. I found all of them as they came out from their place to watch TV which was in the reception room have failed to do one thing. They have forgotten to switch off the lights. I went to every room and switched off lights that were burning waste. Yes I switched on my Home Exnora Yoga activities by switching off unnecessary lights”) Starting Home exnora activities can be as simple as that.
  3. Make the whole content of “Home Exnora Yoga” conveyed in the various chapters as a checklist
  4. The checklist can be also as per the nature of activity/ topic
  5. It can also be a simple lists of Dos and Don’ts
  6. Do instant e registration.
  7. Register with Exnora International and Local Exnora Innovators Club of your neighbourhood and Civic Exnora of your street
  8. Start in your work place too such as Office Exnora Yoga, Industry Exnora Yoga, etc. Introduce the same activities with some modification if necessary. Students can start School Exnora Yoga (Students Exnora Yoga) and practise the earth saving environmental activities in their School. Same with regard to Colleges too.
  9. Keep a board or sign outside your home as given here

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