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An old Indian story and its relevance

Once upon a time there was a king who wanted to conduct a religious ritual, for which he sought the people’s participation. He constructed a big tank and asked every subject to pour one litre of milk for the ritual. The king’s command was obeyed. The next morning the king was shocked to find the tank filled with water.

Obviously, each one thought, “Since every one is going to pour milk what difference would it make if I pour water” The sad part was that everyone had thought so.

The same is the case with regard to any type of pollution. For example take the case of the car exhaust, air pollution. Every one who owns a car thinks that “If my car exhaust causes pollution, how will it affect the environment, after all it is so small”. The end result is one global catastrophe after another.

Each of us should take a vow to be responsible. Let us not be overly concerned with what others are doing. You should tell yourself “All good things begin with me” and do so.

This website explains how everyone can contribute to environmental protection. Translating even half of the Exnora activities recommended on the website into action would make a world of a difference. So imagine if we took the effort to do them all!

Global Warming and other kinds of pollution can be fought at Home itself. HOME EXNORA -YOGA will help you make your House a “Home Paradise”. The activities include composting, treating waste water, home farming, rain water harvesting, energy saving, waste minimisation, pollution prevention and use of non conventional sources of energy and even safety of person and property, Fire safety, Flood safety and Earth Quake safety. Furthermore, you will come to know how through positive human relations your residence can become a happy home. How by creating three types of environment (Natural, Physical/ Senses & Behavioural) you will always remain motivated, become creative and enjoy every moment of your life.

Go through the website and translate each idea into action. Let us leave a better world for our children. The ideas shared here have universal applicability. We also request you to share your ideas and your best home practices ( with us to post it on the website. We will not only make the world better but bring the people together too.

One way to go about this is to consider the activities given in the website as a checklist and to start doing them one by one, surely but steadily. Spread the message to your neighbours, friends, relatives and colleagues.

The first step

Brainstorm with the members of your family about the whole content of the HOME EXNORA-YOGA Guidelines. Create awareness. Tell them not only ‘WHAT’ should be done but also ‘WHY’ it should be done. Involve each and everyone of them including the domestic help.

Remember and register in your mind that the 'Cool the Globe Action' starts at your home, continues in the vehicle and culminates in the work place (or School / College for students). In respect of your vehicle it should be Car Exnora Yoga or Truck Exnora Yoga and you must make your work place as Office Exnora Yoga or Industry Exnora Yoga. If you are a student along with other students make your school, college, university as School Exnora Yoga, College Exnora Yoga, or University Exnora Yoga respectively. Follow this web site and its recommendations and introduce the same ideas in your work place too. It is as simple as that. Although the place of your activity and the role players change, the activity does not. It is the same everywhere.

Not just Home…….,
but establishments & vehicles too

The same principles are APPLICABLE not only to HOME but are REPLICABLE at each and every place where waste is generated and environment is affected like Office (Office Exnora Yoga), Industry (Industry Exnora Yoga), Shop (Shop Exnora Yoga ) , Market (Market Exnora Yoga), School (School Exnora Yoga), College (College Exnora -Yoga), Hostel (Hostel Exnora Yoga), within the Hostels in every Room (Room Exnora Yoga) Temple (Temple Exnora Yoga), Crematoria (Crematoria Exnora Yoga) , Burial Ground (Burial Ground Exnora Yoga), Park (Park Exnora Yoga), Play Ground (Play Ground Exnora Yoga) , Marriage hall (Marriage Hall Exnora Yoga) , Hotel (Hotel Exnora- Yoga), Within the Hotel in every Room (Room Exnora Yoga) Place of Entertainment e.g. Cinema theatre (Cinema Exnora Yoga or Theatre Exnora Yoga )

Not just institutions and establishments ……….,
but every individual too that is YOU Yes every individual (Self) ‘I’ Exnora

Every individual can be an ‘I’ Exnora or you can even add Exnora to your name, for example Smith Exnora, Jacqueline Exnora, George Exnora, Syed Exnora, Abid Exnora, Mumtaz Exnora, Raman Exnora , Kamala Exnora , Arjun Exnora, etc. By adding the word Exnora to your name you are signifying that you are wedded to the idea of protecting the environment and saving mother nature at any cost. Every individual becomes a ‘One man Exnora’, ‘One woman Exnora’ ‘One youth Exnora’ or ‘One Child Exnora’ as it begins with the initiative of one individual to engage in environmental protection acts and not in certain other acts which harm the environment. Each and every family member in a Home, worker in an Industry, staff in an Office, Student in a School, College or University, first follow SELF. Only then does the Home, Industry, Office, School or College carry out the mission as an establishment or unit.

Exn. Robert , Exn. Rahim , Exn. Ramu.
If you follow the Exnora guidelines and activities, yet another option would be to prefix Exnoran to your name. For example, Exn. Robert , Exn. Rahim , Exn. Ramu. Exn. Beaula, Exn. Bennazir, Exn. Beena. ‘Exn’ stands for EXNORAN. This will give you the identity of an environmentalist.

ExNoRa is simply the methodology. The three qualities of Excellence, Novelty, & Radicalism (which is what ExNoRa stands for) must flow in your thoughts, words and action. Should we aim for the above we will achieve something Extraordinary, New and fresh and Transformative. Environmental deterioration is the main concern of today and so all our ideas should be focussed on stopping it.

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