Blue Print :"Saving our planet made easy"
Goal: To reduce globally the Carbon foot print by 20% !
1. Why?
The catastrophes that are waiting at our door step

2. How?
A. Your dwelling
Practise Home ExNoRa Yoga
*Click: : Home ExNoRa, a Glimpse
Practise Home ExNoRa in your Flat
*Click: : http://www.homeexnora.org/flat_building.html
B. Practise Civic ExNoRa for
Green Road Dream Road
Click for : Civic ExNora
C. Practise 'Car Yoga' through
Click for : Travel SimplyCity
D. Practise Institution Yoga
i. Office / Industry
*Click: http://www.homeexnora.org/yoga_office.html
ii. School/ College
*Click: : http://www.homeexnora.org/yoga_school.html

3. Evidence / Record / Self-audit
Exnora Magic Pocket Log Book
In order to read, record & reduce carbon foot print
a) ExNoRa Magic Pocket Log Book for family - Click Here
b)ExNoRa Magic Pocket Log Book for students - Click Here

4. Your Role / Roles
Adult *Click: Exnora Environmentalist
Adults ! Register & obtain the Registration Number
Adult *Click: Student ExNoRa Environmentalist
Students ! Register & obtain the  Registration Number
Adult *Click: Become an “ExNoRa Representative
Students ! Register & obtain the  Registration Number

5. Deadline 09/09/09
'99999' is the present destination . The road of the journey is cutting down the Carbon Foot-print by people throughout the world. before 09/09/09 Globally people will switch off lights for 9 minutes at 9pm on the 9th day of the 9th month of the 9th year of this millennium to celebrate reduction in their carbon foot-print
To know '99999' *Click: www.99999.co.in


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