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The Five Conditions which are important for Road safety
1. Car’s Condition
2. Driver’s Condition
3. Driving Condition
4. Road Condition
5. Sprit of Volunteerism Condition

1. Car’s Condition: Car well maintained and all parts in good condition particularly the tyres, the brake, head light/ danger light, the steering, etc.

2. Driver’s Condition
: Driver remaining in good health, with all the six faculties in good shape, not tired and not drunken

3. Driving Condition
: Respecting the rules, not driving rashly with out engaging in chatting, not talking in the mobile and driving with complete concentration in the authorised place and properly parking the car

4. Road Condition:
Well paved / metal topped, tarred properly lit with necessary road safety signs properly displayed , electronic signals

5. Sprit of Volunteerism condition: Readiness to help others. Volunteering to solve the traffic hold up problem Subject to the rules and regulations of the country)

  • Check car tyre air pressure and always ensure it is normal.
  • Don’t hang anything on the rear view mirror. It will be a major disturbance and distraction when you drive and may result in an accident.
  • Never keep petrol stored in oil can in any place of the car.
  • Don’t overload the car. Car will not cry but it will give up
  • Don’t do drunken driving.
  • Don’t engage in chatting while driving
  • Don’t change CD Audio cassettes while driving the car
  • Don’t talk in the mobile while driving.

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