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1. What is Global Warming?

Global Warming  is  the most serious threat facing our planet today  which  is due to the Green House Effect. The Green House Effect is a result of the emissions of green house gases like Carbon Dioxide, Hydro Carbons, Chloro Fluro Carbons (CFCs), Methane, Nitrous Oxide, Carbon Monoxide, etc. by automobiles,  industries and other sources.

2. How Global Warming takes place?
Global warming is caused by the build up of gases in the atmosphere such as carbon dioxide, methane and other gases mentioned above which form a gas blanket over the Earth, trapping in heat that would normally escape the atmosphere. The Sun makes the Globe Warmer. The emission caused by automobiles and industries forms a gas blanket over the earth trapping a part of the Sun’s heat, causing Global Warming.

Global Warm(n)ing
Why Global Warming?
What constitute Green House Effect?

The emission of greenhouse gases

3.What are the consequences of Global Warming?
Today the talk of environmentalists and scientists world over is about the increase of carbon content in the atmosphere due to the excessive use of fossil fuels. The situation has become serious and various studies by world bodies and reputed environmental institutions have only confirmed the catastrophe waiting at our door steps.

According to Mr. Al Gore, a great Environmentalist, within ten years the planet will become unliveable.

4. The Global Warming is responsible for several undesirable consequences.

  • The drastic increase in the atmospheric temperature is speeding up the melting of glaciers, ice caps and ice mountains.
  • Melting of ice caps in turn is causing the rise in the sea levels.
  • As a result the coastal areas will get flooded and cease to exist.
  • Heat waves will take a heavy toll on human, animal, sea and plant life.
  • Heat waves will cause heat related epidemics and those via mosquitoes and bacteria
  • Heat will also cause forest fires which will lead to the destruction of certain species and their habitat.
  • Drought will be yet another consequence of the increase in temperature.
  • Barren lands will increase steeply.
  • While sizable land will be engulfed by sea water, there will also be a loss of usable land due to desertification which means deserts will grow due to excess heat produced by Global Warming.
  • The cyclones, hurricanes, tornados, etc., are becoming more furious, stronger, violent and volatile than before due to getting charged by seas which have become warmer.

It appears that the problem will go out of control, unless the carbon in the atmosphere is balanced. On one hand the vehicular exhaust pollution has to be curbed and on the other, massive tree planting has to be carried on war footing. There are so many dos and don’ts to be practised by every one in his home.

Melting of glaciers


Loss of beach of 3 Sq. KMs sand expanse due to sea’s advancement

Garbage Dumps
Perfect union of garbage & sewage

Water bodies, the victims of waste

Consequences of mistreating your environment

These pictures really take you away from your home and your comfort zone to show you the real picture. A real picture of where the world is today and where it is going. “What can we do?”, this is one question that usually stops us because we think the problem to be beyond repair and too big for us to make a difference. However, Home Exnora Yoga is a practice that makes one realise that all we have to do is choose a simple life. Yes, one might say it is easier said than done. The only reason one might think it difficult is because we have allowed ourselves to be mollycoddled by present day luxuries. It is easy to go with the flow, in which ever direction it may be. But the real challenge lies in doing what is right and good for you as well as those around you.

Most of us lead hectic lives and do not have enough time to spend with our family. HEY encourages you to do the Home Yoga exercises with your family members. In this way, HEY will help you spend quality time with your family and encourages you to engage in constructive work towards protecting your environment.

5. How to learn more about Global Warming?

  1. Visit, know and practise too “Cool the Globe Action”
  2. Watch without further delay the down to earth and enlightening film, "An Inconvenient Truth", produced by Paramount Classics featuring. Mr. Al Gore.
  3. Also watch Leonardo DiCaprio’s “The 11th Hour”.
  4. Go for Google search on ‘Global Warming’ and learn all about it. There are as many as 83,300,000 folders waiting to enlighten you.

Mr. Al Gore; the former Vice President of the US

Al Gore is a great environmentalist and a tireless crusader who is creating a wonderful awakening among the people on environmental degradation and the action to be taken. The brilliant documentary, ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ presented by him is indeed making history in respect of viewership and in creating awareness on the most threatening catastrophe waiting at our step, the Global Warming.

Review by FOX News on ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ “It doesn’t matter you are a Republican or Democrat, Liberal or Conservative ….. Your mind will be changed in a nanosecond”. According to Chicago Sun Times “In 39 years, I have never written these words in a movie review, but here they are. You owe to yourself to see this film”.

The most awakening documentary DVD
Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth’

Yet another must watch is Leonardo DiCaprio's ‘The 11th Hour’ As per Mr. Al Gore, the documentary, The 11th Hour demonstrates how human beings have created the climate crisis and related environmental crises, and shows that we have the means to solve them. The 11th Hour is both a portrait of a planet and a source of hope and solutions. Mr. Al Gore recommends that we watch this documentary as it is an eye-opener.




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