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HEY! Dear Home Exnora Yoga Practitioner,


Please remember one golden rule that MUST be followed by you, before you proceed in your green journey. You can do as much greening of your dwelling as possible, but the water for gardening should not be drinking or fresh water. The source of water for greening activities must be “Used Water”. What is Used Water? and how does one convert the waste water as usable water?

These queries are well explained in,

Please take a vow that you will do so. Water is the most precious commodity and the second basic necessity after air and it should not be wasted. Plants do not ask you for potable water. There are places where people have to walk miles to fetch a bucket of water. There are fights and disputes over sharing water between countries. Why this is the case even between two neighboring villages.


People seem to be designing fancy front yards by cementing the surface in side the compound from one end to the other. They do not gain anything by this. Infact, they lose a lot. It is like stitching the mouth of living creature. If one cements the surface, the ground water loses the opportunity of getting recharged. On the contrary, if one grows grass, the rain water is absorbed by the soil and at the same time, the grass prevents dust pollution. Please remember to carpet the surface around your home with grass.

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