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(For Students & Children)

My dear Students & Children

  • Give birth to “TrEEtanic” like (TITANIC)
  • Become a “TrEEzan” (like TARZAN)
  • Save the earth from Global Warming

Do you hear the noise of axes cutting trees? Do you know that when you are reading this book, several thousands of trees are felled?  Can you stop it? No. But you can start constructive action to compensate the loss. The action is incredibly simple.  “Will” and “effort” are the only requirements. 

Start “TrEEtanic” today by planting a tree branch / wing of the main tree, EXNORA, created exclusively for students and children.  Enroll just four more of your friends, both boys and girls and create a “Five Man TrEE Army” (minimum).  Make your surrounding “Treed” so that you are “Freed” from dust and pollution.  Fall in line and create a “Tree Line” like a “Bee Line”.

Titan means a person of great size, strength, intelligence of importance. Titanic implies something very great (intense).  By TrEEtanic, we mean a very huge desire followed by action to plant trees.  Trees are the largest living species we see.  Unless massive and Titanic efforts are taken, we cannot save life on this heavenly planet.  Hence, TrEEtanic can serve to be the Green Bridge.  By starting TrEEtanic and planting trees, you and your TrEEmates (Teammates).  TARZAN loved jungle and swung from tree to tree.  As TrEEzans, you and your TrEEmates can jump with joy and move from one area to another planting trees.  You can do this in your leisure time, like on holidays.  

  • Acquire minimum tools (crow bar, spade and shovel) out of your personal savings.  Cut a few expenses meant for the next festival that you are going to celebrate and allot the money for acquiring “TrEEtanic – Tools”.
  • Use compost generated from your “home compost drum or pit”.
  • Get seedlings from the Government’s Forest Department or Local Body (Municipality).
  • You can have your mini-Tree Bank on your terrace or balcony to row and stock tree seedlings and a Seed Bank to collect and store seeds.
  • Seek the support of elders and businessmen to sponsor trees, tree guards and your “TrEEtanic T” shirts, badges as well as caps”.
  • Request the citizens to celebrate their birthdays and wedding anniversaries by planting a tree on every occasion.  Tell them that TrEEtanic will be wiling to do the tree planting for them through their sponsorship.
  • If you cannot get monetary resource for making regular metal tree guards, create simple inexpensive tree guards out of thorns and waste materials.  Use old fish net or coconut leaves. The best option would be to use your imagination and create an innovative tree guard.
  • Display on the tree guards the name of the donor, the TrEEzan who planted the tree along with your organization’s name (that is TrEEtanic plus EI logo and “Exnora” within brackets).
  • Create tree jungles in the midst of concrete jungles.
  • Like a Treetotaller become a TrEE-totaller.
  • Your TrEEtanic efforts will help greening the world and greening of your mind as well.
  • Use the internet to network with other TrEEtanics and TrEEzans.  Form TrEEtanic E-groups.
  • Always use “tree-free” products and free trees from becoming products.
  • Write to us, your exciting experience, with photographs for publication in our TrEEtanic News Letter. (Litter is a “misplaced resource” and an “unrecognized wealth” for Exnora.  “Waste not the Waste” is Exnora’s slogan. Let Home Exnora News Letter, glitter by your write-ups & photographs).
  • Remember that trees are our Nature’s TrEEsure.  Free yourself for Tree Planting at least three hours per week.

TrEEbutes and TrEE cheers to you in advance.
Start now…………”one”………….”two”……….”TrEE”.

Yours TrEEly


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