Complete Home

The Complete Home

What is a Complete Home?
Is it a home with several rooms and all facilities?. No. If you adopt Home Yoga through Home Exnora in your home, your home will become a complete home. It should fit it to the definitions of wonderful quotes of great men on home so that it qualifies to become a Homely Home. It should be Hygiene Home where personal hygiene of the inhabitants of the home, hygiene of home as well as hygiene of surroundings of the home and food hygiene. All should be taken care and should be a clean house too. There should be sincere effort to convert the Solid Waste / Liquid Waste / Gas Waste as wealth. Only a small percentage of the waste can be allowed to go to Municipal garbage stream. If psychic-cycling and the rules of Principled Simplicity are followed you will see that the chances of generating of waste itself stopped. Then it will be called a Clean Home too

At least there are 12 places where you can create garden and horticulture too. In order to make your place dwelling as a Green Home. There are also different types of garden which will help you in several regards including greening your mind.

Then comes Conservation Home which covers wide range of topics like

  1. Waste minimisation (reducing recyclable / reusable)
  2. Water conservation (water augmentation / Rain Water Harvesting)
  3. Energy conservation (efficient lighting, efficient air-conditioning, cool home, electricity saving, cooking gas saving, vehicle fuel saving and use of nature light)

Energy Home or Renewable Energy Home talks about use of those sources of energy which can be replenished in a short period of time which includes hydro power, solar, wind, geo thermal, bio mass, fuel cells and co-generation’

Pollution Free Home guarantees life without air, water and noise pollutions and how to go about.

Simple Home talks of home simplicity and individual simplicity of the inhabitants of the home.

Healthy Home is nothing but the health of the members of the family through Walk ‘n’ Exercise, Work ‘n’ Exercise, the conventional meditation Pranayam and Yoga as well as Home Yoga’s unique “Enjoy life every movement” technique

Safe Home : Today life is not safe. A person may face the danger in his own home.He may be attacked and the property may be stolen.

A home need to be protected from fire, flood and earth quake. More protection is needed for human beings from mosquitoes. Safe home gives innumerable ideas on how human beings can safe guard themselves against dangers from fellow human beings, accidents and nature.

Brainy Home deals with how people living in the home can use the Gods given best gift and God created computer “the human brain”

Hearty Home deals with how one can cultivate his mind and develop individual social responsibility, concern for fellow human beings and humanity.

Happy Home some thing more important is about positive human relationship between the members of the family with lasting love and limitless affection.

Motivated Home has lot to do with members of family getting motivation and also always sustaining their motivation level.

Model Home goes with the adage, the proof of pudding is in its eating. Illustrated with pictures and explanation of three Home Yoga through Home exnora practices of three successful practitioners. The same are given in the form of Power Point Presentation. You are virtually taken on a free tour these homes. You have learnt so much theory and model homes are like practical. All these are adopted and practised your home becomes a Complete Home

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