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In this world we expect notice for anything and everything. We may not appreciate someone calling on us without prior intimation. But is not possible with the case cyclone, typhoon, hurricane ,tornado and twister These can strike at any time, with little or no warning. But with little planning much of the risks and damages can be prevented. The rigour can be reduced.

It is almost same like the precautions that you should take like flood, but with some exceptions. While in the case of flood you will have some time to prepare as the water level will gradually rise, it is not so in the case of strong wind including cyclone, typhoon, hurricane ,tornado , twister and thunderstorm etc. In most cases the notice time will be less and even may not be there. Let us how many categories of this tribe is there.

Cyclone : A large-scale, atmospheric wind-and-pressure system characterized by low pressure at its centre and by circular wind motion, counter clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere, clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere.

Typhoon: A violent sea-storm occurring in the East, a tropical cyclone occurring in the western Pacific or Indian oceans, A tropical cyclone occurring in the western Pacific or Indian oceans. a tropical cyclone or hurricane of the western Pacific area and the China seas, a violent storm or tempest of India

Hurricane: Hurricanes are one of nature's most powerful forces, turning warm ocean water into powerful winds capable of mass destruction. The heavy rains brought by hurricanes not only threaten coastal areas, but they also lash areas hundreds of miles inland. In some cases, flooding occurs days after a storm actually hits shore. Hurricanes' winds are in excess of 74 mph, and they can bring storm surges and tornadoes

Tornado: A rotating column of air ranging in width from a few yards to more than a mile and whirling at destructively high speeds, usually accompanied by a funnel-shaped downward extension of a cumulonimbus cloud.

Whirlwind: Any of several relatively small masses of air rotating rapidly around a more or less vertical axis and advancing simultaneously over land or sea, as a dust devil, tornado, or waterspout.

Thunderstorms: Thunderstorms can throw one of nature's most spectacular shows, but at the same time prove to be deadly. Dangers associated with thunderstorms can include lightning, hail, heavy rain, flooding, strong winds associated with downbursts, micro bursts and tornadoes.

Twister : A localized and violently destructive windstorm occurring over land characterized by a funnel-shaped cloud extending toward the ground

Storm : A disturbance of the normal condition of the atmosphere, manifesting itself by winds of unusual force or direction, often accompanied by rain, snow, hail, thunder, and lightning, or flying sand or dust

The high winds and heavy rain that occur during a cyclone can cause substantial damage to your home and possessions but it's the damage that can often be prevented.

First you and the members of your family must have complete awareness of this threat of nature.

Your house can have metal shutters instead metal and wooden fittings outside your home . (e.g. Decorative canopy )

Trees will need regular trimmings.

Keep the storm water drains free from any blocks .

You should take refuge at the strongest part of your home like where you have the concrete columns .

Don’t stand beneath ceiling fans and chandeliers which may fall down

When the strong wind blows cover yourself with pillows and bed sheets to reduce the physical injury.

Avoid phone as there will be lightening

At the same time you should be prepared to leave your home sufficiently in advance to safety. Then you must always have a safety kit or you must train yourself to make the kit in a short time.

If hurricane is likely to cross on your journey way , take shelter in a safe place.

If after the hurricane is over, you may have the danger of being hit by some falling objects.

You must identify shelter homes beforehand and move swiftly there. Brain storm with the members of your family and solicit their ideas . Not only they may be able to give novel ideas they will get a tremendous sense of involvement.

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