Exnora International is an organisation registered both under Trust & Society Act . Exnora’s name or starting an Exnora Chapter or wing are prohibited without applying to Exnora International and getting express permission. There are however exceptions to this and the following categories are given LICENSE to use Exnora name only in the context and place described below. The principles of Home Exnora are relevant for any place of any activity including Office, Industry & Educational Institution. Only the place and people will change while all other activities will remain the same . The topics like Clean Home, Green Home , Conservation Home etc will become Clean / Green / Conservation School, Office , Industry etc .

Any one is permitted to ExNoRa name for carrying on HEY activities in the following places without the prior permission of Exnora International.

1. In one’s home as HOME EXNORA YOGA HEY

They can also use the HOME EXNORA YOGA LOGO

2. In the office where they work as Office Exnora Yoga, Industry as Industry Yoga any other work place as the particular Exnora Yoga, etc. The persons who start in their own institution should however take permission of their employer, i.e. the Management Board, if it is compulsory by the procedures of those institutions. If it is going to be within their institution, Exnora International’s permission is not needed. If a group of Offices in an area or Industries in an Industrial Estate want to start , Exnora International’s prior permission is a must

3. Schools and Colleges can start in their educational Institution with the permission of the management. Even teachers can take the initiative to do it. No permission is needed.


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