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Inside Car-Yoga

  • Today car is a moving home for many.
  • There are people who travel most part of the day in the car.
  • They even park and sleep in the car.
  • They eat sitting in the car.
  • Car provides all types of audio and video entertainment.
  • The seats can be adjusted in such a way and one can recline on the seat enjoying the cool air from the air conditioner listening to the music from the radio/ CD player.
  • They do their make up.
  • Except bathing and answering call of nature they do everything inside the car
  • Travelling becomes more enjoyable when the family travels in the car together.

Thus Car has become so important. Should not we treat it well and keep it well?

  1. Keep the car always clean, outside, inside and the engine.
  2. Don’t keep too many things inside the car
  3. Identify places for keeping each thing, like your brief case
  4. Have a water bottle holder and always keep fresh drinking water in it.
  5. When you travel long distance also carry food with you.
  6. Keep all the tools including minimum one spare tyre and car jack
  7. Check car tyre air pressure and always ensure it is normal
  8. Change motor oil regularly
  9. Don’t keep anything over the dashboard except your family photo only to remind of your responsibilities and not to take risk while driving.
  10. Don’t paste stickers on the wind shield except those which that are needed statutorily.
  11. When you park and sleep inside the car, ensure the glasses are little lowered. There are instances of deaths of people due to suffocation.
  12. Ensure important devises like brake, head lights/ brake lights and wind shield wipers are all always in good condition.
  13. Surely keep one waste paper basket in the boot of the car. When you go out and in case you are forced to generate trash, put it in that waste paper basket, bring it back home and properly dispose. When you go to parks, forests and places of worship you should not litter or discard garbage there.
  14. Never keep petrol stored in oil can in any place of the car.
  15. Don’t overload the car. Car will not cry but it will give up
  16. Don’t do drunken driving.
  17. Don’t engage in chatting while driving
  18. Don’t change CD Audio cassettes while driving the car
  19. Don’t talk in the mobile while driving.

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