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Upon entering the ‘Science Era’, man’s life on this heavenly (?) planet had become very exciting. Day in and Day out, almost every minute, innovations and inventions are being created. Life before petrol and electricity were discovered is hard to imagine. In this modern day and age we can get anything and everything sitting at home.

No one will disagree with the fact that the nature, number and size of problems have changed and compounded with time. Problems exist within the family, society, nation, nature and the planet. The most important among them are the problems relating to Environment, Health, Communal Harmony, People’s Safety, Road Safety etc.

Today, the talk amongst environmental scientists’ world over is of the increasing carbon content in the atmosphere due to excessive use of fossil fuels. It is the shocking level of Carbon spewed into the atmosphere, resulting in air pollution and consequent climate change, which in turn leads to imminent cracking, breaking, shattering and disintegration of polar caps which will result in global catastrophes (and not in the mere melting of ice mountains alone). The Arctic Zone might disappear and the Antarctic Zone will shrink. It appears that the problem will go out of control, unless the carbon in the atmosphere is balanced.

There are two solutions which have to be tried together

1. Control vehicular pollution
2. More tree planting.

Using less efficient and more current consuming incandescent (Filament) bulbs will consume more electricity.
More incandescent bulbs mean the consumption of more electricity.
More electricity for less efficient bulbs means more burning of coal.
More burning of coal means the emission of more green-house gases.
More green-house gases mean more global warming.
More Global warming means more climate change
More climate change, means desertification
More climate change means more melting of ice glaciers
More melting of ice glaciers means an increase in the sea level
An increase in the sea levels means ??????

The tragedy is that even though many spirited souls are trying their best to improve the situation, many more are doing right the opposite.  

  1. The vehicular population world over is increasing every day and consequently the alarming air pollution level.
  2. The tree population is dwindling everyday due to urban development and expansion. When more vehicles ply, more road space is needed, naturally the victims are the trees. More trees are felled and very few are planted. The proportion is 20: 1.
  3. The third important action to contain Global Warming is to switch over from Filament / Incandescent bulbs to energy efficient LED bulbs (or CFL).
  4. Change from conventional to non-conventional sources of energy.

The alarming problems are: (and consequences mentioned with in bracket)

  1. Global Warming on account of the Green House Effect (climate change, melting of polar caps/ ice mountains , increase in sea level and the consequent threats like vast tracts of land being submerged , increase in the atmospheric heat)
  2. Ever enlarging Ozone Hole & its depletion (People and other living species are exposed to Sun's ultra Violet rays due to destruction of Ozone by CFCs which cause skin cancer, cataract & blindness , depress the human immune system, reduce crop yield . deplete fish population & adversely affecting all forms of life on our planet),
  3. Deforestation (Global Warming, Desertification)
  4. Increasing Air Pollution (Diseases & Global Warming)
  5. Multiplying Water Pollution (Alarming increase in water borne diseases & Deaths)
  6. Accelerating Soil Pollution (Soil Contamination and soil becoming dead)
  7. Ascending Sub Soil Pollution,
  8. Expanding Ground Water Pollution
  9. Decreasing Natural Resources
  10. Shrinking Water Bodies
  11. Contaminating Food
  12. Acid Rains
  13. Desertification
  14. Disappearing Bio-diversity,
  15. Enlarging Ecological Imbalance
  16. Dwindling wild life.


Can you believe that all these problems can be solved or at least contained? For that we are giving you a Magic Wand. Start using it from today from this moment onwards. Let us set the trend for the whole world.

The name of the Magic wand is


You should not stop it with your Home. Spread the message with people of your street
through "Civic Exnora" and your neighbourhood, town & Village
Exnora Innovators Club of which you know from

Can you believe that all these can be solved or at least contained? For that we are giving you a MAGIC WAND. Start using it from today from this moment onwards. The Global Slogan to contain the environmental threats is “Think Globally, Act Locally”. Exnora International not only follows this message in letter and sprit and also makes the people to “Do Domestically”. We found that the environmental action starts at one’s home and the students can play the role of a catalyst in motivating and making their family members to do it in their home in this most sacred mission. Just visit HOME EXNORA Website and implement as many activities as possible in your home. Tell your friends, colleagues, neighbours & relatives. Become an e. volunteer & spread the do-how given in to all your e mail contacts. Become a ‘Home Exnora Pandit’ & teach others. will teach you to make your abode a 1. Homely Home 2. Hygiene Home 3. Clean Home 4. Green Home 5. Conservation Home 6. Renewable Energy Home 7. Pollution free Home 8. Simple Home 9. Healthy Home 10. Safe Home 11. Brainy Home 12. Motivated Home 13. Happy Home 14. Hearty Home 15. Complete Home 16. Model Home & of course will help the planet. Start your exciting journey now!


01. Every one has an abode. If everyone practises the recommendations made in in his home, it will produce tremendous results.

HOME REMEDY- The vehicle

02. Car or a two wheeler is part of one’s belongings. He pay attention to his vehicle, in the context of reducing environmental pollution due to the emissions released by their vehicle.


03. That is not all. What he does at home will become his newly acquired habits, which he is certain to exercise at his work place as well. In this way others will observe and become interested. Many may even join in a combined effort to start Home Exnora Yoga.


04. The habits which one practises in the workplace will be carried over to their homes.


05. Children in those homes will make it certain that what they practise in their home is taken to their schools / colleges


06. In schools these habits will spread and students who are impressed by these activities are bound to carry the activity to their respective home.


07. Your servants will also learn how to implement the same in their homes.
08. Neighbours, friends and relatives will come to know and they will also take it to their respective homes.

All you have to do is start it in your home and it is sure to have a positive influence.

The slogan that Exnora propagates is that one must “Think Globally and Act Locally” as well “Do domestically”. Exnora follows these slogans in letter and spirit. We believe that environmental protection starts in one’s home and children can play the role of a catalyst in motivating their family members to join the mission of saving our planet.

Visit our website and implement as many activities as possible in your home. Tell your neighbours, relatives, friends and colleagues about what you have learnt. Become an e. volunteer and spread the do-how (explained in the website) to all via email. In short become a

‘Home Exnora Yoga Pandit’ and teach others.



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