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Efficient AC

Efficient A/Cs & Fans Saving Power


  • Know the final delivery (quantity of air volume and speed, quantum of cooling etc., ) in comparison with the best possible.
  • For comfort, air velocity is more important than volume
  • Due to convection, the roof area is the hottest – have arrangement to remove hot air from top, by using various option suggested in this compilation including roof garden.
  • Have air circulation, if necessary by using exhaust fan in reverse, to get cold air in during summer nights ( building is normally much hotter than atmosphere) .This can reduce the number of fans and still avoid mosquitoes
  • Use the correct pump for the quantity and height required.
  • Set AC temperature to 25 – 27 deg C

Humidity causes more consumption for air conditioner – Therefore avoid water evaporation, in AC rooms - spreading of wet clothes, drying of body in the AC room, washing the Air conditioned room, heating up/ or cooling the food in Air conditioned room etc.,

  • Avoid air ingress in Air conditioned room. Do not open the windows when A/C is on, and do not open the door more frequently than required
  • Ensure that the air conditioned rooms are reasonably insulated, especially if they are directly exposed to the sun.
  • Have timer for your AC and time it that after one or two hours when you are deep sleep in Rapid Eye Movement (REM) state yt switches off and your fan gets switched on.
  • Have roof garden, to reduce the heat through the roof. You can have even a lawn in the terrace
  • Have shades by trees / external shades to reduce solar incidence

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