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LiWaM means Liquid Waste Mangement. It can be SoLiWaM* ‘Source Liquid Waste Management*, DeLiWaM* meaning Decentralised Liquid Waste Mangement* or CeLiWaM* meaning Centralised Liquid Waste Mangement*. In home or any place including office, industry or school where is the liquid waste managed and treated? It can be only SoLiWaM*.
The Compost is now available through Home Composting. Space is available (the terrace, backside, front of the Home etc, through Sky farming). Now the question is where is the water for home farming / horticulture? The easiest and the best is to collect and directly use the kitchen & wash place water even if sufficient water is available. You can treat the water in your sewage tank through bacteria and use the water for plants.

Waste water separation is important. It can be separated at source for  treatment and  use

  1. Sewage (Black Water)
  2. Sullage (Grey Water)
  3. Bath Room Water (Soap Water)


1. Sewage (Black Water)


Septic tank  is used to treat the waste water i.e. sewage (Black) generated from the toilet of houses / institutions, hotels, camps; industries etc., Sludge digestion is taking place in the septic tank. The sludge digestion is referred to the decomposition of complex organic substances present in sewage into simpler stable compounds by bio-chemical reactions brought by anaerobic bacteria. During the detention period, the sewage is purified and the supernatant liquid is taken for further disposal of course for water for gardening and horticulture. The anaerobic bacteria growth and multiplication is automatic. But you can also facilitate acceleration of bacterial growth by introducing bacteria in the Septic Tank what is called as Microbial inoculum.

If you do it, that is introducing bacteria into the waste water in your septic tank, your septic Tank becomes SAFETIC TANK.

                           Septic Tanks to convert waste water as  water for garden


Image:Septic tank.jpgCompleted drawing water from the septic tank

The more you use treated water, less will be the pressure on drinking water and drinking water sources. Yes you don’t need to use or waste, drinking water as water for gardening.  That is not all. The problem of waste water disposal will also be considerably reduced. Septic Tank combines the function of sedimentation tank, sludge digester and sludge storage tank. In addition if you do microbial inoculum.

2. Sullage (Grey Water)

Used Water Storage
Why should you waste the limited space of the Safetic Tank (Septic Tank) for storing water which is not harmful.  Water from dish wash place and kitchen is not sewage . You can call it as sullage or grey water. You need to collect it in a container with a lid. The container can be in the dish wash place itself.  Another option is to have a simple pipeline from kitchen/ dish wash place to a tank outside what we call it Used Water Storage.


3. Bath Room Water (Soap Water)

Bath room water is the water used for bathing and has soap in it. The only problem with that water is it has phosphates in it. When there is a problem also there is solution. The solution is so simple and will also bring beauty. Yes make a mud passage for the bath room soap water and on the either side  have cannas. You won’t believe that what you don’t want the bath room water is wanted by Cannas as they thrive on phosphates. Result the water get root bed treatment and the water that you get at the end of the small water passage  is clean water that is equal to primary and secondary water. You can store in a buried cement tank and use i t as garden water

Soap Water  Root Bed Canna Treatment

soap water for watering plants

canna treatmnet


* Source : Nirmal’s 7th Sense Brain Resource Development Training Institute



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