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Electricity Safety:
  • With electricity life has changed and now we are miserable even when the electricity goes off for ten minutes..
  • But electricity is also dangerous as many people have died of electric shock.
  • Certain precautions will make life safer from the dangers of electricity.
  • Electricity’s best conductors are metal and water. Humans are made of 85% of water and thus are the best conductors of electricity. If you touch a live naked wire the electricity uses you in lightening speed as conductor. You may be standing on a proper wooden stool . But still you may become a conductor for electricity when you touch the wall.
  • Ensure that the electric cords are in good condition.
  • Never remove the electric pin by holding and pulling the cord.
  • Never place electric cords under carpets.
  • Never have too many plugs on the power outlet.
  • Replace worn-out cables and wires.
  • Don’t have wires with joints. In case you have no other options properly insulate the joints.
  • Don’t keep the power outlets aty a lower level . Keep them higher so that the children cannot access them.
  • Don’t keep electric appliances near water taps or places where water will splash.
  • Don’t smoke lying on the bed. (Please don’t smoke as you pollute yourself and cause indoor pollution in your home and subject to passive smoking)
  • After you finished smoking, see that the fire on the cigarette butt is fully extinguished.
  • Don’t pull the cord grabbing the wire. Place your hand on the pin and smoothly pull it out.
  • If it does not come out easily don’t wrestle with it. Switch off the main and then pull it out.
  • Whenever you insert or remove the pin your total attention must be there and only there. Don’t do it while talking with some one or watching a TV programme as inadvertently you may come in contact with the metal part of the pin.
  • When you do any electrical work inform others and do.
  • If the work is complicated have some one nearby and do.
  • The best will be to switch off the main and doing it
  • Still better will be to remove the fuse and keeping in your pocket as some one without knowledge of your work may, switch on the main. • Never handle an electric switch with wet hand.
  • While you attend some electric work see the floor is not wet.
  • Wear fully covered insulated shoes.
  • Always use shock proof gloves
  • Be careful with wire going on a wet wall.
  • Ensure that cable does not touch water pipes.
  • Children should be taught on all matters concerning electricity.
  • They should be taught how to handle electrical appliances carefully
  • They must be careful while they play . Out of enthusiasm and distraction they may commit mistakes. Many children die while they try to remove their kite stuck to an electric live cable
  • Turn off all but one of the lights that were on, so you will notice when electricity is restored.
  • Power line is there. Don’t walk on a power line or try to pick it by hand
  • When you plant trees make sure that your crowbar does not come against buried electric cables.
  • Water too is a good conductor of electricity. Never keep electrical appliances near water.

Power failure
If you are caught on the lift remain calm inside the lift for power to return. Use the intercom and alarm to make people outside know that you are caught in the lift.

Don’t try to come out if the lift is stuck in between two floors. If the power comes don’t try to immediately move out of the lift. There are incidents people who got out like that and got crushed as the power went off again.

Use torch light or rechargeable emergency lamp when it gets dark. Oil lamps and candles are to be avoided in view of the fire risk they pose Because of the fire risk.

Switch off Computer, TV, DVD, Refrigerator etc the moment the power goes off. Electrical appliances easily get damaged when the power comes again if the switches are on the ‘ON’ Mode.

Switch off all but one light, so that when the power comes you will know. Do brainstorm with other members of family and get ideas from them. That will make them think and will make sure of their involvement.

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