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Hazardous Waste


What is hazardous waste?

Waste that causes environmental degradation and harms the health of the people.

The Hazardous waste list
  1. Batteries
  2. Torch Cells
  3. Tube Lights / Florescent Lamps
  4. Chemical Waste
  5. Automobile Waste
  6. Paint Waste
  7. Medical Waste
  8. Sanitary Napkins

Safe disposal of hazardous waste is the responsibility of your Local Government. Either they do it themselves or do it through a company dealing in waste-management on a contractual basis.

You have the responsibility of separating your house hazardous waste and handing it over to the collecting agency. As a Nature Lover and Environmentalist (yes by Practising Home Exnora Yoga, you are now an environmentalist), it is your duty to ensure that the hazardous waste goes to a secured landfill and nowhere else. If there is no secured landfill, you must organize with the other citizens for the creation of one by the government.



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